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What is MVP and why should you use it?

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It means a test or trial version of a product that has minimal but sufficient functionality and is presented to users to get feedback. Using customer feedback helps to improve and develop the MVP product. MVP development has many advantages, including:


Fast time to market

MVP development allows companies to bring their product to market much faster than traditional product development approaches


Low costs

Since an MVP is a simplified version of a product, fewer resources are required to develop and launch it. Creating an MVP makes it possible to test an idea for only 20% of the total budget allocated for project development.


Quick feedback

Launching an MVP allows companies to better understand their customers and the market. Feedback can be used to guide future product development.


Reduced risk

Creating an MVP allows companies to test their product idea with less time and resources. You can always go back to another idea without investing a lot of time and resources in a failed product.

Experience and expertise

Our team of specialists has extensive experience in creating successful MVP projects. With our help, you can test your MVP project idea much faster, better, and with less risk. Our advantage that you can count on when working with us:


Our team of experts has extensive experience in creating successful MVPs, we know how to make your MVP project stand out.

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Realized MVP projects


years experience in IT


our own MVP projects that have attracted investment

Successful cases

We are proud to have a track record of delivering successful MVP projects for our clients. Our team of experts has helped many companies to implement their innovative ideas by creating an MVP. If you want to bring your product idea to life, we will be happy to help you achieve your goals.

Smart Delivery

The MOVING web platform was created to unite various stores, supermarkets, shopping centers and restaurants on one online platform.
The MOVING online web platform contains 3 different user accounts:

  • Shops
  • Buyers
  • Delivery
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Olala MENu

A platform for ordering food delivery. OlalaMenu is a web platform created to inspire chefs, cooks, restaurateurs, and delivery people to cooperate within one online platform.
By creating a profile on the OlalaMenu web platform, users are able to create their own online restaurant menu, sell meals and deliver food through the service offered on the site.

World for Talents

Social network and job search for talented people. World for Talents is an international job search and recruitment portal for talented people around the world.
The site features current job postings from leading companies and an extensive database of resumes of specialists in various categories. The site is designed in a social network format, which creates easy and convenient navigation for users and provides an opportunity for artists to present their works.

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Development stages

The goal of our work is to create a successful MVP product that meets the needs of the target market. Thus, the MVP development process in our company includes several important stages:



Our team spends time understanding the target audience and key features your MVP should have.


Market research

We conduct thorough market research to validate the product idea and identify potential competitors.



At this stage, our MVP development team creates a simplified version of the final product in the form of a prototype. This prototype undergoes various tests and improvements to ensure its functionality, visual appeal, and suitability for the target market.



We test the MVP with the first users to get feedback.



We launch the MVP to the market by creating a landing page, developing a marketing strategy, sales strategy, and customer interaction experience to get their feedback and further improve the MVP product.

A great
online experience


We use only proven and latest technologies to provide our clients with first-class MVPs.

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We help startups and companies succeed in today’s competitive environment with our MVP development services.

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Basic questions and answers

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It means a test or trial version of a product that has minimal but sufficient functionality and is presented to users to get feedback.


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