A startup is a business project based on innovation. The main purpose of a startup is to develop a breakthrough idea that solves a problem, improves existing solutions or fills or creates a new niche in the market. This idea is implemented in the form of a product for which investments are attracted.

What do we offer for startups?


  • We help toformulate it;
  • We identify strengths and weaknesses;
  • We analyze markets and niches;
  • We select a pool of potential investors.


  • We provide information support at all stages of development – from idea to market launch;
  • We help in product development and provide consultations;
  • We do basic testing and select a team to support the product;
  • We conduct marketing research;
  • We assist in the selection of a team responsible for the successful project execution


  • We calculate the cost of a project for investors;
  • We prepare a complete documentation package;
  • We present to investors;
  • We conduct audits.

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