Creating multimedia content

There are three main reasons to include multimedia content: reposting, reactions, and engagement. Besides, it helps visitors spend more time on your website, web apps, and mobile apps. And it also benefits your SEO and allows you to increase your reputation.

  1. Interactive media engages users and their time
  2. Multimedia content optimizes your site’s on-page SEO

When a search engine crawls your content page, it looks for keywords and key phrases to boost your positioning. It is crucial to include metadata for every media file you upload, including images and videos.

  1. Multimedia content contributes to stronger branding

Adding multimedia to your website is an effective method of attracting more site visitors.

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Why does multimedia content benefit businesses?

In the modern world, multimedia content development is important. For example, images and videos speak better than a thousand words.

People can learn more about a business from photos and videos than from blog posts.

In business content, it’s everything.

In addition, your mission and vision should be clear through your content.

Digital-bunny – we will increase the degree of assimilation and memorization of the information you want to convey to your customers by up to 80%.

-360-degree photos

-Video based on photos

Based on product photos, we will create a video that will demonstrate the benefits and main characteristics of your product.

-3D models

We create an interactive 3D model of the product that will demonstrate not only its appearance, but also allow you to interact with it.


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